Holding a Video/Webcam Focused Class at LiL (Must Read!)

If you are putting on a class where video is the primary focus (yoga, pilates, fitness, an in-person workshop, etc.), you must watch this video and go through all the resources here! It isn't hard to do but there are some important tips for optimizing your class setup.

BIG UPDATE! You can now use a Canon camera as a Webcam (check out the info)! This includes the Canon Rebel 6 which you can get on Ebay (with a lens) for less than $300. With this and a Bluetooth or other headset (including Airpods) you can lead a flawless class.

Setup as shown in the video:

  1. SLR Camera (Lumix GH4 shown in the video, GH5 recommended, Panasonic G7 works as well as a variety of other cameras)
  2. Video Capture Device (so your computer recognizes the camera as a "webcam"): Blackmagic Devices such as the "Web Presenter" is recommended. The UltraStudio Mini Recorder is what is shown in the video. Watch a tutorial on setting this device up.
  3. Wirecast is the industry-leading software used in the video and will give you the best results. It is, however, expensive and we've used ManyCam with some success as well. See the video below for a demo of CamTwist, a free virtual webcam for Macs.


NOTE: You do not need Wirecast or ManyCam (or other software) as you can connect your camera directly in the virtual classroom, however software like this will allow you to optimize the camera experience.

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Lighting: There are a TON of videos on Youtube about this and we don't want to recommend a single one (IE. you should search for "live stream lighting" yourself!), however, here is a video that goes over a lot of what you need to know for making the perfect setup!


Here is the recording that came from the above class tutorial. Notice the quality of the recording is largely dependent on the quality of the camera, lighting, and selected resolution in the classroom.




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