The commission and payment system explained

For teachers, Learn It Live operates on a commission basis similar to other marketplaces like Ebay, Uber, or Airbnb.

There are 2 levels of commission Learn It Live: Your referred learners and non-referred learners.

1) Referred learners generally have a reduced commission associated with their accounts. As an instructor you should be using your referral links to promote your sessions to your learners. Here is where you can find those:

  1. In the "Account" area under referral info when users click through your link they will be added into your account. Screen_Shot_2015-11-13_at_4.33.26_PM.png
  2. Every class has a referral link. It is the link icon on the left below each class widget.



The payment processing fee is built into all of the commissions, so if the Learn It Live commission is 25% (meaning you take 75%) the 3% payment processing comes out of that as well as any payout fees to transfer the money to your account. There is also a static $.50 transaction fee that is accessed on each transaction. This goes to the payment processor for the static per transaction fee and the static per transaction payout fee. Little to none of that transaction fee goes to Learn It Live.

So here is how a transaction of $10 and $100 would come out with a 15% commission rate:

$10 = $10 - $0.50 = $9.50 * 85% = $8.075 (instructor's take home)

$100 = $100 - $0.50 = $99.50 * 85% = $85.57 (instructor's take home) 

  • Payments remain in the "Pending" category until after a class ends in case an instructor needs to cancel and the students refunded.  
  • Payments are then transferred on the 15th of the month or, if the 15th falls on a weekend day, it would generally be the following Monday.
    • If it is absolutely critical for an instructor to be paid prior to the 15th of the month send a note to with your case.
    • Generally, only amounts above $20 are transferred due to the fees associated with the money transfer. If you have less than $20 but still want the fees transferred please send a note to




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