Desktop Sharing Tips and Tricks

You can share your desktop in the virtual classroom. This is what you need to know.

If you are going to use desktop sharing, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox 

3. This is the button to click on in the bottom middle of your screen  Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_2.53.40_PM.png.  You must be a presenter.

4. Choose the screen you want to share. Here are the choices:

  • Your entire screen
  • A specific application running on your computer such as Word or Photoshop
  • A specific tab in your browser

5. Try not to use screen sharing to share documents such as PPT, DOC, or PDF. It is much more bandwidth friendly to upload them to the whiteboard.

6. You do not need to share a video with screen sharing, do that via the "Share video from Youtube Feature"




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