4 Things to Know for Your Learn It Live Class


UPDATE: Internet Explorer is no longer supported or updated by Microsoft and does not have the necessary technology to run the virtual classroom. You can use any other browser, though we recommend Google Chrome.

  1. To make sure you can get into the classroom without issues, enter the test classroom from your Learn It Live account (takes 10 seconds) and test your audio. Login > Click "Launch Practice Session" on the left-hand side of your account > The session will load


This is not where your actual class will be (see #2 below).


2. You will enter your class through your registration or reminder email (easiest way!) or in your account by logging in and clicking "Enter Live Session" or "View Recording"


Screen_Shot_2016-04-21_at_4.54.35_PM.png Screen_Shot_2016-04-21_at_4.53.55_PM.png

3. Choose to participate with audio so you can speak in the class by choosing "Microphone," otherwise choose "Listen Only" (you will still be able to use chat). Or, if you prefer to use the conference call-in line, it is available in the chat area. In this case, choose "Cancel".


To join onto audio your browser will ask you to allow the use of your microphone.  

Then you will be able to test your microphone to join the session.


You turn on and off your audio by clicking on the headset button on the left.Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 6.58.28 PM.png 

4. You can get onto the webcam if the instructor allows by clicking on the webcam in the top left-hand corner.    

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 6.58.28 PM.png (webcam turned on has a check mark)

The browser will ask you to allow it to use your webcam (click "Allow") then "Start Sharing"


We recommend you attend from an internet connection with at least a 500k download / 500k upload

  • Test your speed at speedtest.net.
  • If you have any issues, we recommend connecting in via the phone conference bridge.
  • Find the dial-in number in the chat box.


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