Attending Sessions from Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices (ipad, iphone, android, etc.): You can attend live sessions from your mobile device, though the LearnItLive "App" has not been launched yet. You should follow these steps:

  • Download the Puffin Browser Application onto your device (HERE) to join the live session 
  • Login to your account inside the Puffin Browser (note: if you get a message that you require Flash you are not inside the Puffin Browser, but still in another browser)
  • Click “Enter Live Session”
  • Join the session normally by clicking Listen Only or Microphone.

You can participate in the class via live audio/video from your device.

As for recordings, you should be able to watch them on your mobile device with any browser without an issue.

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    Nick Day
    I've never used 'Learnitlive' either via a PC or mobile device...I intend using an iPad. The recordings made of the sessions, are they available for download after, when using a PC? Or how do I download them I've just mentioned I'm a complete newbi.
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