Managing Your Studio Memberships

If you haven't already done so, to get your membership program set up, we need you to FIRST fill out this questionnaire.

The next step would be to set up your classes in your instructor's accounts (this is done by instructors or an Admin on your end).

Steps are listed below. This video shows the process (tip: play at 2x the speed to go through it quicker):

You can manage your studio memberships in your by:

  • Going to Manage Classes > Set the discount rate under "Discount (program site)" 
    • 100% means the class will be free. 60% means a $10 class will cost members $4.
    • Discount (other sites) are for Learn It Live partner sites and is not relevant for the time-being
  • To turn on and off people's membership manually do this in "Manage Users"
  • To set up your membership promo details do this in "Manage Membership". Here is an example of the text you could put there:
  1. Spirit+ Membership
  2. First Week Free
  3. $19.99/month After
  4. <b>Free<b/> Live Sessions
  5. On-Demand Classes
  6. Discounts on Premium Courses
  7. <b>Special Member+</b> Only Programs
  8. Sign-Up Now!


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