Can I add a pre-recorded video, created outside of Learn It Live, onto the platform as a class?

We understand you may have existing video classes that you'd like to add your LiL page. While this is not the core use-case for our platform (our name is "Learn It Live" for a reason), we will make exceptions in certain circumstances, and manually add your on-demand content to your class(es). Please contact and explain what you want to add, ideally with a sample, so we can evaluate them. 

We are evolving this process to make it more automated, but here are the steps needed to make this happen:

  1. Create a "private" class in your account with a time and date just as you would a normal live class (time and date can be arbitrary). Set it up exactly as you would a normal class with price, description, images, etc.
  2. Share the videos via Dropbox in a folder with your name to Title your videos "class_name," or if you have multiple sessions, it should be "class_name_session_name"
  3. Follow up with us at after your scheduled "live" class is over and we'll add your video on the class
  4. Once it is there, edit your class info to make it "public" and then save the class

It will then be available for sale on the site!

As we currently have to add your videos manually this can take up to a week. Please followup with if you don't see the videos on your page after that period.

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