What are ALL of the features available in the virtual classroom?

The Learn It Live virtual classroom was developed to meet a wide variety of use-cases. From presentation driven lectures to live video yoga classes, the classroom has everything you need to successfully deliver your program to the world!

See below for a complete list of features available.


  1. Live Multi-User Video 
  2. Live Multi-User Audio 
  3. Recording to Be Available On-Demand
  4. Participant Management: Auto-Muting, Locking Video, "Booting", Elevating Status to Instructor, and more!
  5. Public Chat and Private Chat
  6. Presentation
  7. Multi-User Interactive Whiteboard
  8. Screen (Desktop) Sharing
  9. Video-Sharing from Youtube
  10. Polls
  11. Emoticons
  12. Breakout Rooms
  13. Document/Presentation Sharing (So Users Can Download)
  14. Collaborative Note Area


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