Live Class CHEAT SHEET - Things to remember for your class!

1 Select "Mute all users except presenters" upon entering so people entering on the microphone are muted automatically
2 Make sure to watch the virtual classroom tutorial before instructing a class:
3 If someone unmutes themselves in class click on their name and choose "Mute User"
4 If someone keeps coming onto the microphone (or video) choose "Lock Viewers" and select Microphone, Video, Chat, etc.
5 If you have issues uploading your slides save it as a PDF and re-upload it
6 If that doesn't work you can export as "Images" and upload those as slides
7 If you haven't used the virtual classroom in a while, go in ahead of time and practice for 5-10 minutes to familiarize yourself again
8 Start the recording at the beginning of the session. Stop the recording at the end of the session.
9 Interact as much as you can with participants using chat, the whiteboard, polls, etc.. Don't worry if you have a group that is reticent to interact though, it can happen! Just move on.
10 For instructors calling into the conference line, the *(asterisk) button on your phone is to mute/unmute yourself 
11 Always try and enter your session at least 10 minutes beforehand. It's better to be prepared than for something to happen and need to rush!
12 If students want to participate on the mic, you can have them raise their hand or write in the chatbox, so you can then unmute them.
13 Do not touch the whiteboard if you want your webcam to be recorded as a full-screen video.
14 For optimal audio quality, use a headset, especially important if you are not close to your computer microphone
15 Launch a practice session beforehand (option on the left side panel of your account) or even create a test session. You can do this by creating a class and setting it to private. That way you can see its recording afterward. A practice session does not record.


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