Moderating Classes Tips and Tricks

Moderator Tips and Tricks/FAQ:

 1.     What should/can be done before the class?

  • Send a pre-session email to the presenter (example text at the bottom)
  • Stress the fact that any issues should be solved before the class via email. Have the instructor launch a practice session and test EVERYTHING before the day of the class. 
  • Remind the instructor in your email that the recording starts once the first person enters the classroom and that the best means of communication within the class is the private chat. Unfortunately, many times they will end up asking setup questions and bring up technical issues on the mic. Try to keep that as brief as possible as it will be recorded.

2. What do I do in case the instructor cannot upload the slides?

  • Have the instructor send them to you or transfer them via the file sharing system in the virtual classroom (Window > File Transfer). Try to upload them yourself.
  • If presentations don't upload properly convert to PDF format.

3. What if an instructor can’t get on video/audio?

  • If they can’t get on video, just use audio.  
  • If they can’t get on audio, have them call in to the conference line.
  • If the instructor uses the call in number, make sure they have their computer speakers muted, otherwise there will be echo. 
  • If there is ANY audio issue the instructor needs to call in using the conference line. The audio will always be clear this way. You can come onto the microphone and tell the instructor this if they are not seeing you in chat.
  • Otherwise, have them quit out of the session and come back in. It could be they haven’t plugged their mic in correctly, their speakers are not plugged in, or another logistical error.

4. What do I tell students who can’t hear in the session?

  1. Click on the top left headset icon to join or click off and back on (if they are already on)
  2. Connect to the telephone conference line
  3. Let participants know they should reload their browser to reconnect if they get cut off for some reason. 
  4. Participants should ideally listen via their computer rather than calling in. While the presenter can call in to ensure stable audio. The issue here is that essentially it's adding 2 users (1 online and 1 on the phone) which just ads extra people potentially affecting speed. If they need to call in on the phone, then of course they should do that.

5. How should I handle disruptive students?

  • Mute their mic and address the issue with them in private chat.
  • If they persist in being disruptive, kick them out of the classroom by clicking on the x next to their name.

6. How should I communicate with the instructor if I need to?

  • Try and use private chat to communicate with the presenters rather than in the public chat.
  • If you need to, come on the mic and talk to them.

7. What if the instructor drops out of the session?

  • Come on the mic and inform students that the instructor will be back soon and to hold tight.
  • If they do/can not come back, apologize and inform the students of a technical error and that they will be informed about rescheduling.

8. What if BBB is not loading (the screen opens and it looks like it is downloading, but never does).

This is potentially an issue with the BBB servers. Test in another browser and then if still having the same issue, do the following:

  • Edit the class
  • Add a new session for the same time
  • Delete the old session
  • Save the class
  • Inform all the participants by sending them a message to enter the new session that was created

**If any of the above problems persist, have them restart their computer. Make sure to have them test and exhaust all possibilities that might be causing the error.

9. What if the session doesn't load and gives an XML error instead? 

  • Log into the admin panel and edit class
  • Add a new session for the same time, retyping the name
  • Delete the old session
  • Save the class
  • Have students refresh the class page and enter again. 

10. What should be done at the end of a class?

  • Kick out all participants at the end of class. The recording won't be made until everyone is off.

11. What if I really need extra help in my session?

  • Contact your Learn It Live representative



Pre-session Email Example


Hi _______,

I hope you are well.

I will be moderating for your class "XXXXX" tomorrow, DATE. The class starts at 7am EDT. I will be available and online 30 minutes prior to its' start. Please let me know if you need any assistance. I suggest emailing your class a reminder if you have a chance, using the message feature on your LIL account.

I will also be live-tweeting a few details about the class, so let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to post! If we have live participants at the start of your class tomorrow, I will begin the session by announcing a participation prize and can also introduce you at that time.

Here is the classroom training, which will be very useful if you need to review the program. You can also try out a test classroom if you haven't done so! Important to note; for now, the recording starts when you enter the classroom, so I will wait to enter the classroom until you do. We will incorporate a record on/off button in the future. Your mic is also automatically on. So, make sure to mute it if you aren't ready to be recorded yet! Before the class starts, you can message me in the "private chat" if you don't want any conversation to be recorded, or send me an email. If you have a powerpoint presentation, it looks most clear if you upload it in pdf format.  If you've had any trouble with the Learn It Live virtual classroom in the past, please let me know so that I can be best prepared to assist you.

Looking forward to your class!

Thank you,

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