How do I use learning content (such as presentations, documents, video, audio, etc.) to complement my classes and events?

The LiL ContentMaker allows you to upload learning content that you can then assign to specific classes or to specific learners. It will be available on the lower right side of the class page you assign it to.


You can upload content:

  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images

You can also embed and import content from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Prezi, Slideshare, Scribd, and Flickr.

You control who can see this content and how they can use it. You also can assign the content to your classes and learners.

When you assign it to a class, the learning content will be listed on the class page.

Click on any of these items to view the learning content. On the content page, you can view the content, download it, and if it is a document, print it by clicking "Print" above the document.
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