How do I manage, edit, cancel, and message students in my classes?

After creating a class, it will be listed under your "My Classes"

Every class widget has a control panel underneath that allows you to manage the class. Specifically, you can perform 5 actions:

  • Edit: You can edit the class at any time. Click the pencil icon within the control panel.
  • Message All Enrolled: You can send a message to all learners enrolled in the class. Click the mail icon within the control panel.
  • Cancel: You can cancel the class by clicking the cancel icon within the control panel. If there are students enrolled, you will be asked to enter a note about why you are cancelling. To cancel within 24 hours of the first session start time or after it is over, please contact
  • View Class Report: You can view the class report to see information about who signed up for and attended your class. Click the report icon within the control panel.
  • Copy Referral Link: You can copy a class-specific referral link to send out in your marketing efforts. When a user comes to the site via this referral link, they'll be referred to your account and we'll take a reduced commission from their payments. Click the link icon within the control panel.

This is what it looks like:


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